Mary Ouyang Attended Anniversary Celebration of A Welfare Association

The 2016’s Anniversary Celebration of Women and Children Welfare Association in Zhuhai was held in Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel On the evening of December 18. Mary Ouyang, Mito’ CEO, was invited to attend the celebration with more than 600 entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and volunteers.


At the beginning of the celebration, the city leader, the head of the Municipal Women' s Association and the President of the Welfare Association have successively delivered their speeches. After the Award Ceremony to new members, honorary chairman and strategic partners of the Welfare Association finished, charity auction began and aroused guests’ passion. Guests also can enjoy some entertainment shows during the charity auction.


The event have raised a total of 1.5 million yuan ,which are totally used to help the women and children who are under difficult circumstances and improve their survival environment. Ms. Ouyang have donated one hundred thousand yuan on behalf of Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. to the association. In addition, Ms. Ouyang was awarded as one of the Icons of Public Welfare and selected as the vice president of fifth Council of Women and Children Welfare Association.


With the rapid growth of the company, Mito is taking more and more social responsibilities on the way. Mito will continue to make greater contribution to society through the practical action.

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