Mito won “Focus on Quality” Award in 2018
Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. has won “Focus on Quality” again at Business-Inform EXPO 2018 held at Moscow from 12th May to the 17th May 2018.  Mito was the winner for the same award last year. 

Our commitment to quality products has been paid off with the honor of receiving this great award. Lots of positive feedback has been received at the exhibition via our communication with our customers

It has been a great opportunity for us to get closer to our customers and get the latest information about Russian market so that we can be of better service for that market segment. Mito has taken the opportunity of the trade show to let our customers to know about a series of our new products to show our effort for time to the market.

“Mito’s product quality enjoys a great reputation in Russian market. We are very glad to hear all the positive comment about our products.” said Wendy Duan, Sales General Manager of Mito. Mito will continue its effort in offering its customers the best value available with its commitment in manufacturing the best toner cartridges with uniform quality and stable performance.


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