Mito’s product registered DIN authentication

Mito’s products have finished DIN authentication in TüV Rheinland, Germany. DIN is short for Deutsche Industrie Norm, the worldwide renowned German institute for standardization. DIN has elaborated several standards for remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges. Mito’s product range is now registered DIN 33870-1:2013-12 and DIN 33870-2:2013-12 as a mark of conformity which define the quality requirements for the remanufacturing process of toner modules and appropriate test methods. More details of Mito’s product range in DIN can be seen at

The authentication is one more symbol that Mito’s business moves to a higher level, while Mito has just increased its color toner cartridge manufacturing volumes capacity by 50 percent last month. This new capacity increase will be aligned to meet existing and new customer’s expected demand, guaranteeing delivery, ensuring continuity of supply, and will further enhance the ability to provide personal customized service requirements. Mito is higher being more concerned with more stable quality and new product development through the vast investment of talent and capital this year.

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